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Recovering from "Vacation"

It probably says a lot for my vacation when I am so grateful to get back to work... Hurray! Work!  Yay!
No doubt because work means a lot of sitting around - getting caught up - talking to customers - working with admins... it is so much more peaceful.  :D

Not that my niece is a terror.... she's a great kid.  But dogs she has a lot energy.  We could solve world energy problems if we could figure out a way to channel some of that.  J.'s become a real chatter box too - full of stories and information.  She's 10.   She likes to draw and read aloud but she comes from a farm environment where she has horses, dogs, cats, snakes, chickens etc.; sitting still is not I guess, part of her regular routine. 

We went to the Royal Ontario Museum with her and her Grandpa and Jan (my dad and kinda-step-mom), to the Bata Shoe Museum, to the African Lion Safari and the Toronto Zoo.  We also took her shopping to buy beads.  There was a quick run through Kensington Market and a few hours killed playing frisbee in the park.  Dinners with us, my Uncle and my Dad.  She slept over for four nights too... we caught up with Harry Potter Movies.  ... so we went with my Dad to see the latest Harry Potter movie.  (it was okay... best part was when my niece refers to "Baltimore"... you know.. Lord Baltimore.. the guy that looks like Micheal Jackson - he's white and has no nose?).

We also got J to watch Kung Fu Hustle...  and part of Shaolin Soccer (alas no time to finish watching it).   Anyway, she's now running around saying "I am Mighty Steel Leg!" and "I'm going to use my Buddhist Palm move on you!".  All this is confusing her grandpa.. and no doubt shall really confuse her mom.  hehehehe.

The Niece leaves early Thursday morning.  We'll see her tomorrow night.

anyway... getting back to work.  Feels like the entire summer has been full of Hustle.
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