-: zero :- (zero_gravity) wrote,
-: zero :-

exploding head

sounds like a good chunk of Montreal is Having Power issues right now.   We always know this stuff because 30 seconds after a big power outage our Montreal team calls us.  30 seconds after that we start getting alarming systems.

Its a great time for a migraine.   I'm slowly losing vision as I'm writing this.  Visual phenomena - arcs of geometric zig zags are strobing in my vision.  Its going to be a bad one.     Meanwhile some *#&@!! is carefully pushing a knitting needle from the back of my head on the right side ... all the way through my left eye.  Also, I just might throw up.   I'm now testing " advil liquid migraine xtra strength 400 mg" caps.  we'll see if those puppies do sweet shit all.

the niece departed.  We saw her last night.  There was GREAT DRAMA involved.  Sulking.  Silence.  etc.   It was pretty exhausting.  I think my dad probably was laughing inside.  payback.  And speaking of Dad, he had a migraine yesterday afternoon.  my grandfather had them too.  Hopefully the niece won't get them.

i'm going to rest my head on the nice, cool keyboard.
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