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poked with a sharp stick

I got poked with a Sharp Stick for not posting... in weeks.  How did *that* happen?

might have something to do with Very Limited access to the net now on weekends and evenings. 
Actually, you can pretty much bet I'm not online at night.  There's a few reasons.
I've got a few issues with my laptop - mostly the fact that it is almost completely FULL and my backup drive died.  (are the photos there recoverable?  who knows!  were they duplicated on the *other* Hard drive --- I can't remember --- and of late I don't seem to have the required few hours to check).  At least there are about 10 different backups of the writing.

I've also had some vacation time.  Whoo!  Which also means a few short weeks at work.  Whoo!
 It seems a Very Good Thing - but when I get back to work today I just feel the weight of it all come down on my head. 
There are a zillion things alarming (okay. exaggeration - there are 30) and almost no one around.  People are off on vacation.  Smart.  Feels like i should have stayed home today and just sorted things out.  But instead I'm hear and I can feel the pressure changes in the air - feel them like a steel band around my head.

Last week at the start of the 4 day vacation time (2 vac days and the weekend) it all seemed like it was going great.  TheBad and I went to see The Bourne Ultimatum.   Now, I admit I've been a fan because the first one was pretty good.  Well.  I liked it enough to see the 2nd.  I think to be honest - it is the only ones of the genre - spy / thriller - that I ever read - back in 1980.  My Dad would get them from the library - and when I had charged through my books (a library limit of 10 for teens didn't do it for me) - I'd read his.   Ludlum's were the only ones I really liked along with the Bond series.  

So.  Went to see it after a great, spicy Tex-Mex dinner at La Hacienda.   Sounds great eh?  Dinner and a movie...
except I started to get vertigo.  FUCKING hand held camera.  nausea-cam tricks. 
I'm not even sure if it was really vertigo - maybe it is something related?  I can sometimes get the same sensation watching someone playing a video game.  My eyes started to water. I started to feel restless... really ants-in-the-pants shifting around in my seat.  Then I started to yawn.  I'm sure the people behind us thought I was bored to tears by the movie.  Every 35 seconds I'd yawn.  I started to get a headache too and the typical dizziness.

I dunno. any clues?  I also wonder if it could be tied with my migraines or pressure changes or something.  Is it really vertigo?  Sometimes i get moments of spinning dizziness but they are very, very rare (and i think related to low blood sugar). 

right now I'm fighting off a tension headache that no doubt related to the stupid bloody weather of late.  It feels like we will freeze to death at nights.  TheBad actually got out a heavy blanket last night.  What happened to warm August??

anyway.  was the movie good?  who knows. I spent so much time blinking, wiping my eyes, spinning and trying not to toss up my very nice dinner - it could have been brilliant or the worst movie since Catwoman - and I'll never know.  Too bad.  I might have enjoyed it if they hadn't shown it in a Tilt-a-Whirl theatre.

not much more to report.  I've got a few stories out that are getting their near-customary PFO's.  I've gotta start mailing some out soon.  It seems rather depressing at times.  Days like today for example when the clouds are low and gray.  Haven't really taken many photos I can't do much with them anyway til i sort out my laptop.  SIGH.

I know I've missed a bunch of birthday LJ wishes.  I suck.  The cement sky suits my mood today perfectly.


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