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Great Canadian Head Shave.....

Well today my supervisor is Shaving her Head for the Terry Fox at Work Day
I'm really proud of her.  I thought I would post it up in the ever so slight chance that anyone here might be interested in pledging her for it.  For those who might know Nadiera - she's got loooooooong curly hair... in shades of gray and black.   She's quite nervous too :D    If anyone would like to pledge her and wants to hand me some cash at some point later then let me know - we can arrange something.   If anyone who knows her (And there are a few people on lj who do) - and want to pledge - go to www.terryfoxrun.org  click on "Terry Fox at Work Day NEW" - its in the middle of the page ---> chose the top option (The Great Canadian Head Shave) ---> Province: Ontario  and then choose NADIERA's name out of the list. 

If you want to pledge her - and know me - drop me an email if you want and we'll talk about how to pay it - she's got 2 weeks left to collect pledges. 

Anyway, today at lunch I'm going to go down and cheer her on with a few other people from work.  should be fun. 
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