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Been a long time...

Been a LONG time.  whew. 

Work has been nasty busy.  So busy I ended up doing OT for the first time in months.  Lunch? Ha!  I'm not going to get into the details but it involves a few people that need a good kick upside their heads before they touch machines.  Anyway it looks like things are In Flux at my job.  No telling what is going to happen but the details will be settled soon.  I just hope it won't be too many big changes for me personally in a short amount of time because some of the ideas being tossed around make me want to grit my teeth.  The problem is pretty specific to me and my position here...   so at least there won't be a bunch of other people affected.  oh hurrah.

What's been going on?   No time to really post, read, relax or comment.  Even emails are tough.  I have though still been writing occasionally, as much as I can sneak into my life.  Writing is good.   I then submit stuff... and occasionally hear back after 50 days or more.  It is really hard to get anxious about what I am submitting when it can take 89 days to get a "gee, this was really good BUT..."   Currently there are 5 things out in Submission - some old, some new - most having been rewritten frequently from their first incarnations.  At least I'm not killing markets any more (which happened for a while - I'd submit someplace and either 1. never get an answer or 2. find the website vanished or 3. hear about it being closed).

What else?
Yesterday was Thanksgiving.  We had a fantastic time at Dad's with my Aunt and cousins.  There were 10 people and so much food it was crazy.  We were given about 8 containers of leftovers.   TheBad looked quite happy as well as very handsome in some new clothes he bought.

Oh yes.
About 2 weeks ago I kind of started teaching an AQUAFIT class at the YMCA when the instructor didn't show.  I'd gone to about 5 classes before that.  When Heather got stuck in traffic the lifeguard came out and asked if anyone was willing to teach it.  I did NOT volunteer.  Some how though after a few people tried calling out some of the moves - I ended up being the only person who remembered most of what we were supposed to do.   After the class the lifeguard approached me about teaching - they'll pay for the courses - just occasionally.  Then the instructor, Heather, approached me again this weekend.  So, I'll probably be teaching a few classes maybe in  the new year.   Pretty funny given  I  only  fairly recently have  learned to swim and am getting over a life long fear of water.

not much else. 

Observations of the month so far:
- now that I'm older the men that hit on me are older.  When I was 20, I got hit on by 35 yr olds.  When I was in my thirties they were in the forties and fifties.  Do you know what I'm going to say next?  yeup.   The old guy that hit on me last week was in his late fifties or early sixties.  It's depressing.   I picture myself as a 60yr old woman being followed by old men in walkers, shouting weakly, "hey, wait up!"
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