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Surf's up

Okay, so today I was looking at Grammar Stuff.  But then I became distracted by the word Hinterlands - not the Gibson short story, alas - but the Hinterlands Who's Who that was a part of my childhood.  My American friends all got the cool stuff - SchoolHouse Rock and all i got was Moose and Loon. 

soon though I was distracted by talk of bacon.  Not Francis Bacon, First Viscount St. Alban.  Nope.  Bacon as food.

then my coworkers started talking about grilled cheese.

damn.  Did you all know I make fantastic Grilled Cheese Sandwiches? 
We are talking about World Class Grilled Cheese. 
Sure, sometimes I get creative and put other cheeses in them, but in my heart I'm a Traditionalist in Grilled Cheese:  go for the cheddar people.  Old, cheddar or at least a good sharp farmers cheese.  I use brown bread... mostly Dempters Whole Wheat.

which leads to a strange question.  I find bread in the US to be quite sweet.   (the ingredients here are usually with sugar 4th on the list: Whole wheat flour, Water,  Yeast, Glucose-fructose/sugar, Vegetable oil, Wheat gluten, Salt etc).   Maybe it is just me though, or it is regional ... I've only really spent a fair amount of time in Arizona and Kentucy.  My Dad finds it the same in Florida.

and that leads me to the fact it is almost time to go home!

Ramble on!


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