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Cowboys, Aqua-Fit, Slavic Gansters Fight Naked and Photos

So my Cowboy-Brother is now in town for a few days. Last week on-set (since when he's not running his business he's decided to do Extra work as a stuntman - wtf?) his horse tripped over some cabling hidden in some bushes and fell on him. Other than badly bruised kidneys, stitches in his head and a broken nose he's fine. I think his nose *might* be slightly more crooked than usual, but we're talking about a huge honker that's been broken more than once before.

On the weekend I ended up teaching a full class of Aqua-Fit. It went off fairly okay. I didn't puke from nerves. No one died. No one puked. One woman complained that we didn't have enough cardio (about 22 min by my count).... but we did more crunches and stretches and more of everything else. Anyway seeing as i had 30 min warning to design a 1 hour class with zero training -=- she can bite my shiny metal ass. I'm hoping to you know.. get some training or something. Seeing as they had a choice of : no instructor or me: they should feel lucky to have survived at all.

anyway, now i'm digging up info on aqua-fitness classes. I really wouldn't mind teaching it a few times a week. hella easier on my knees then most aerobic classes.

Last night Bro, TheBad and I went to see, "Eastern Promises" starring Viggo Mortensen - LoTR, Hildago etc. - directed by Cronenberg. I've got quite mixed feelings about Cronenberg movies. He's got that gore factor that I'm not always keen on. Not really great gore - but the kind where you tilt your head and think, "wow, wonder what they used to make *that*", after your stomach has settled. I disliked, Naked Lunch, and liked the Dead Zone. You all know how it is, I'm sure.

Anyway, the movie is pretty damned good. Maybe more for me then for some people... because the Russian gangsters of London, reminded me waaaaaay too much of my Dad's family. Mom's from India. Dad's Yugoslavian (though when my grandparents were born it was Austria-Hungry). Viggo looks like he could be some cousin. The food - reminded me of the dinners from Yugoslav banquets. The music - one scene that left some woman HOWLING with laughter - was horribly accurate, down to the "costume", tone and
Looking at Armin Mueller-Stahl was like looking at some great-uncle. Cronenberg nailed the feeling of the culture. My skin kept crawling with the feeling of *almost understanding* the language. My uncle speaks Russian and a handful of other languages. I'm sure he would have found it an interesting movie if he still watched movies.

I think this has to be one of the first Full Frontal Naked fights that I've ever seen. Viggo. hm... Definitely naked. Definitely fighting. All covered with tattoos and blood... and nothing else. Unfortunately the fight distracted a lot from the naked man.

and the Below photo was the "Winner" for the weekly Photocontest - on photocontest  . This week's theme is "flutter". been fun playing. The shot below was taken in a hidden place in the Distillery District here in Toronto. Then I went and photoshopped the image to develop a cross-processing/Split Tone feel, added grain and played for a while. lots o fun.

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