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Zombies, lungs and drugs.

Conversations overheard today:

on the TTC
F: "i'm being laid off!"
M: " i know that feeling I've gone from 6 hrs a day to 4.  I wonder what's next.  2?"
long silence
M:  "Did you see the zombies the other day?"
F:  "Yeah.  in the park."
M:  "I was walking around thinking: why are there so many zombies around today?  What's with the zombies?"
F:  "yes there were a lot.  Not every day you see so many."

Old woman:  "I saw you're uncle last night."
Young woman:  "Is he any better?"
OW:  "Better?  He's got emphysema.. it doesn't get better."
YW:  "Really?  I thought maybe his lungs would regrow.  He's had it for years!"
OW:  "Regrow?  He's only got one lung, they're not like fruit you know."

and now, for a near seamless transition...

speaking of lungs, I'm trying Prednizone because my asthma took a turn for the worse sometime last week.  not reacting well to the normal meds at all.  So i finally dragged myself into the Doc and he said: 5 days of Prednizone.   How bad could it be .. right? 

oh hahaha
I got a headache on day 1-2.  sleeping issues for 2 of 3 nights.  the headache went away and is now back.  Not migraine - but a band of steel that's being slowly tightened around my head.  lovely.  headache, dizziness, difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, lightheadedness = check and check!  but here's the funny part:   inappropriate happiness. 

thats right...  i've not got just a pounding tension headache... i'm actually bouncy and strangely happy too.  HYPER.  I figure this should last about 15 more minutes and I'll go straight to: Changes in Mood and loss of contact with reality.   I've been on this crap for 4 of the prescribed 5 days now... and I tell ya:  no thanks. not again. 
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