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Contagion. Illness. Kentucky.

so in one of those: haha moments, I subbed the following photo over to:

this week's subject was CONTAGION.
and i've been sick ever since.

anyway, I'll cut it for the squeamish.. but I'll have you all know - no husbands were damaged in the making of this photo. It only took about an hour of photoshopping to tweak out the colours I wanted, and i'm pretty happy... but still sick. some kind of virus? I actually missed work ! stayed home. lay about. held down some soup. got The Bad to look after me. read. Spent the ENTIRE weekend at home - didn't eve step outside.

anyway, still staggering around now... and am very behind on correspondence, alas. I've seen the Doctor who has prescribed me a fistful of meds. lovely. Seems part of the problems with my throat have been due to the last set of steroids they prescribed. Great. Take drug #1 to fix problem A. Take drug #2 and #3 to fix problem B caused by drug #1. If there are any problems caused by drugs 2 and 3 I'll kill something.

but not right now though.... cause tomorrow we are heading down to Kentucky for the week! Yay! Vacation! I've not seen my inlaws for over a year. We'll probably eat too much turkey and have food like: cornbread and biscuits. Canada just doesn't do biscuits like they do in the US. I'll probably get the chance to do some target shooting in the back woods. Rumour has it too that it will be warmer there then here... which makes me happy. I'm not a great fan of the cold.

anyway my "zombie / contagion / eek! photo is behind the cut. The blood is all photoshop! really... i wouldn't hurt TheBad just for a photo... really!


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