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Return from Kentucky. A short story Sale!!

Well we arrived back from Kentucky.  All was good... the weather was great.  70F for 2 days.  Then cold and clear when we were coming back.  Lots of food and family.  We stayed in a really nice Holiday Inn for the duration.  Clean, comfortable and with a great buffet breakfast.  All was good.  I got to fire off an AK47.  now, that was coooool.   I love the rolling hills down there, the stands of trees and the clear nights.  At one point we went for a walk....  "around the block".   An hour later... heh... we were still walking.  There were moments when it was so quiet my ears hurt.

When we got back I got to check my mail and found....

I made a story sale!  Yay me!  it is to an anthology - an actual PRINT anthology called "Desolate Places".
its really exciting to think that I've sold something.. and that it will be in a form that I can hold in my hands.  Whoop!

and! and! ....
my MondayNight Writing Friend:  chronicpaint will also be in there too. OMG.  We worked on our stories together - they are both very different - but reviewed and whacked at them.  

Funny thing, about 3 weeks before the deadline, I spent an hour rattling on and on about the story idea I had for the submission call.  Then I got sick and started taking that damned medication (prednisone).   During that week I spent a lot of time writing an incoherent, rambling story... which I showed to chronicpaint (SGK) TWO damned days before it was due.  SGK looked at it and said: "ummm.... what happened to the story you told me about?  Ummmm... this doesn't really um... well.  it kind of goes off on a tangent.  And it really isn't anything like what you described." (translation: wtf?)

It really wasn't.  Somewhere in my sick mind the story had become completely different.  And completely a mess.  As he was telling me this, I realized he was right.  Whatever I had written during the week plus of being ill was terrible. .. most of it.  So I started to rewrite it then and there.. as SGK was talking.  Finally, after 2 days of rewriting at a completely frantic pace, I got the story I wanted and had envisioned.  I didn't really have much time to get it fixed up or reviewed - SGK said a few words (much better!) and my dearest cinnabari got to point out some of the shining mistakes.  Basically, I thought: "damn.  this story is great for this call, but I don't have time to do much reviewing/editing.  Oh well.."  Off it went, just hours before the deadline.  THAT is what I ended up doing Halloween.... rewriting with a fury.  Tripping on the formatting and writing my guts out.

guess it worked.  I'm so happy! :D

and.  I've still got a bit of this cold.  Sore throat.  sigh. Not bad though.  Before I left I went to see the doc:   Bronchitis.  Throat infection (reaction to the meds).  I got MORE meds... which made me sick.  so right now: nothing.  I stopped taking them.  Hopefully it will be a better solution vs the round of illnesses brought about by steroids/antibiotics.  I can hope anyway.
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