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So dear friends, I know I've been absent for almost a half month now - my home laptop is pretty much out of commission. It served well but has been acting up lately. I've spent a while backing everything up.

I've been up to other things though - writing certainly - but lately I've been on a creative kick of epic proportions (well epic for me).  I started to create jewelry again. 

I'm not sure how many of you know I used to own a Bead store - a very small one - when I lived in Montreal in the 90's.  It was more like a cart/store - in le Faubourg in Montreal.  Anyway it was fun - a lot of work - but I loved it.  When I left Montreal though I had several boxes (deep big Rubbermaid containers that weighed a godload) of beads, finding and materials.  Masks.  I was a mask maker for a while - fancy feathered beaded masks.  All kinds of stuff.  When I got back to Toronto I made more jewelry until the late 90s when my carpel tunnel got so bad I had to quit.  My hands would go numb every night. 

Needless to say in the last 8 years the only real jewelry I've made has been personal stuff.  some necklaces.  Sometimes a gift for a friend.

Then... tailchaser
made some post a while back about jewelry.  Suddenly my brain exploded.  I saw steampunk jewelry... and it set something ticking in my heart. Tick-tock ticktock... this.  this was the kind of jewelry I love.. and I could make.  Yup.  There was nothing to do but pull out The Boxes from the Closet of Doom - and start digging.  I found watch parts, beads, watches (seems like i break the things all the time and still get them as gifts - cheap watches though, no fear).  That was Friday Jan 25th when i pulled out the Boxes.  By the next week I was already starting to make jewelry.

So my friends... I'm going to let you all in on a secret - I started a jewelry blog.  I want to keep it separate from my current LJ friends though because I don't want to bother y'all with my rattling on about jewelry.  But, if you like - do go check it out.  I might make the occasional post here about jewelry.. but that LJ details most of what I'm doing and creating.

And, to keep track of it, I've started a Flickr too:  a clockwork zero flickr
where i'll be posting my jewelry and stuff.

Please feel free to not-friend or friend as you wish.  I still won't be making a ton of postings anywhere.   I will though be selling the bijoux - so here's a question... has anyone sold stuff on ebay?  I'm  thinking of doing so but really have no idea where to start.

and is anyone else watching "The Sarah Conner Chronicles"?
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