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Change in the air...

well, looks like i'm going to be doing something new at work.  Something different.   I'm going to be moving out of the Tech Support job and more into a Service Manager position.  Not sure quite what that means but it's a change.    This does mean though the stress levels might start to come down.  Sure I'll have a new job - but I won't have to deal with the admins who have been making my job a hell for 7 years.  (esp the last 10 months or so).   No pay change but i'll be happy to do something different.

The writing is going along well.  The anthology will be out soon - and they are looking into getting 3 of us together at a local bookstore for a signing. omg.  ha.

The steampunk jewelry is doing crazy-well.  I'm just amazed.  Cin and I were talking about it... how it is so much different than writing.  With writing the idea is almost secondary to the work involved with the writing. It is a LOT of work.  Then editing.  Refining.  Clarification.  Rewriting.  and then more work.   With the steampunk jewelry its almost the opposite.  The techniques I've learned over the last 2 decades (more!) of making jewelry are skills just waiting for the idea.  Once the idea comes together it all just clicks into place - and then all i need to do is unpack those physical skills and create.  Sometimes a piece will take a week of thinking and re-arrangement of pieces...  but only a few hours to complete.

meanwhile.  more snow due?  wtf?   I know. Global warming has melted the frigging icecaps and they are all coming here to toronto to party.
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