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Whats up?! Anthology Report and Etsy.

Well, I've been sick for a bit... missed some work.  blerg.  
But.. many many things are still going down.

The Anthology is OUT!!
I got my contributors copy actually last week.  it is a large paperback - about 400 pages.  I was excited but it took me an age to read it - a day or more.  I'm not sure why.   It just didn't feel quite real.  There were also some minor corrections I'd sent that didn't get corrected - annoying - but who cares?!  Not me.  I'm in PRINT!  wheeee!
I finally got a chance to read a chunk of the other stories - i was sick so I read - and there were some really nice pieces.  of course there is the piece by chronicpaint  that of course i have a special affinity for. :D

Meanwhile, I'm still writing... short stories mostly.  I feel I've broken through some kind of barrier.  They are much much better than before.  TheBigBad likes them.  That in itself if a good thing.  Even my supervisor liked the story in Desolate Places - and that was a surprise.

In other news,
I set up an etsy.com account for my steampunk jewelry... called:  Clockwork Zero.   (shock!)

it was shocking to say but something sold almost immediately.  A very nice pair of Earrings.  Still... I wasn't quite ready to have a sale so quickly so i was scrambling around trying to figure out what to do. 

them's the updates.  I'm going to just sit here and cough and cough.
Tags: desolate places, steampunk jewelry
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