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Zombie Zero's Hideaway

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-: zero :-
16 February
This Journal still remains, and always will be - completely public. Almost no "friends only" posts. Whatcha see is whatcha get. You can see my obsessions are often about writing - as you might tell by the communities I have created. I do Technical Support for a Really Big ISP - but this doesn't mean i can help you fix your computer. I also am the co-founder and maintainer of a science fiction website called: http://www.speculative.ca

I have another LJ for The Cat. Friend the Cat, but you don't have to Friend me. The Cat and I are equally unfriendly.

and now...

I am still:

a Taoist

an artistic geek semi-goth girl
and a writer
and a photographer..
Jack of all trades.

In an amazing turn of life, after years of being alone, I met a man on LJ. He is my boyo, my heart, and an amazing person. We married on Sept 21st 2003. He moved here in May. We are doing the gazillion bits of paperwork in order to have him stay here and become a Canuck.

I am still dragging around my new laptop, a sweet-silver-baby and writing in cafes. Once a week I meet with a "writing group" and write Science Fiction short stories and work on our novels.

i find connections in the ordinary, symbols in my everyday experiences, and these become my written world. I tend towards obsessive in many of the things I do. I've set up some of my photos on:

But all the jewelry is up at:

+ + + +++++ + + +

i can be emailed at
zero.space @ gmail.com

I have started a few communities, onehundredwords,
discuss_writing and the1st100words
recently: micro_fiction

If you have questions about these communites, just drop a note in my LJ.

On the Keirsey scale, I am definately an:
ENFP - a reluctant Extrovert, a definate Intuititionist, a Feeling person vs thinking, and all about Perceptions...
in this I end up being a "Champion" - I can only struggle to be so in life.

last updated: Jan 2007

Oh, the stock photos are doing quite well thanks, but if you are interested in buying a print of any of the photos you see here let me know. :D I do sell my stuff at reasonable rates, and am glad to ship things around.

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